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Enterprise Integration through Composition
- A Proper Use of SOA

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is neither a product, nor a solution. SOA is not a technology and it cannot be reduced to vendors' software products. SOA is not a quick fix for the enterprise IT complexity, and it does not address every IT challenge facing organizations.

SOA is an architectural approach comprising technologies, policies, practices, and frameworks which ensures that the right services are provided and consumed. SOA facilitates organizational cooperation and information sharing across the enterprise, and helps utilize existing enterprise resources in more efficient manner.

SOA is a concept and strategy. Successful SOA relalization requires new approaches to creating and providing IT resources and services. The business wants interoperability, unbreakability, composability, and reusability from IT. It can determine strategic roadmap to your future success.

Nalanda Technology helps develop, implement, and monitor SOA strategies.

Our SOA Services
  • Strategic Planning and Roadmap
  • Governance
  • Technology and Vendor Evaluation
  • Services Analysis & Design
  • Services Implementation
  • Services Performance Tuning
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