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Corporate Approach
NTEC teams ensure consistent results by relying on processes that govern every phase of software engineering life-cycle with rigorous project management process - from deploying the right team, to managing dynamic development challenges.

NTEC's methodology is a compilation of practices, guiding principles, process and knowledge. Throughout engagements we always come back to four guiding principles that keep us on track. We call it F.I.R.M. (Focus, Innovation, Rapid Execution, and Management). We always try to excell in meeting your strategic goals, however, we also keep a close eye on your tactical reality.
FOCUS: A critical element for all companies to succeed is focus. Without focus and clear goals it's difficult to see the destination. Organizations must focus on a few core competencies and develop very precise measurable performance measures to evaluate their progress.
INNOVATION: Every organization must continually innovate to stay competitive. In addition to process improvements and cost cutting, the source of growth and value creation must come through innovation.
RAPID EXECUTION: For most organizations the lack of success is not from poor strategy, rather it's often from poor execution. In today's hyper-competitive world, timelines have been cut substantially. Companies that can take their strategy and execute on it quickly will be the ones flourish.
MANAGEMENT: Strategic plans must no longer be steadfast road maps for the future. Organizations must maintain a portfolio of options, continually re-evaluate their position in the marketplace, and keep their management focused on the corporate long-term goals.


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